Welcome to my space on the inter-web!

My name is Andy McIntosh and I am the blogger behind Traveling Triangle Caveman. I am a gluten free flight attendant and hiker living in Raleigh, NC with my fiancé, Jeff. I enjoy the great outdoors (especially love waterfalls) and sharing my gluten free adventures.

I grew up in a small country town in Jamaica cooking with my mom and grandma and learned to cook with heart and what I have in the kitchen. When I was born my mom was the owner of a restaurant in Jamaica. I spent a lot of my early years in the restaurant. Growing up in Jamaica, we didn’t have fine dining restaurants, but the food experience is so rich. Those experiences impact the way I cook now.

While I cooked a bit in college, I didn’t really start cooking until 2016 when I decided I need to take more control over what I eat. This came after dealing with multiple autoimmune conditions and just not feeling my best. I discovered the Paleo lifestyle and Whole30, which has changed my way of eating a lot. Through this I learned of my celiac diagnosis. I talked about my journey here.

I have always loved the outdoors, but my love for hiking started when I became a flight attendant. It quickly became a way for me to enjoy my layovers, apart from my foodie adventures. Read about that in my post here.

10 fun facts about me:

My mom did not want me to learn to cook.

I LOVE plants! I grew up gardening with my grandmother.

My grandfather was a butcher and I helped him raise and kill animals.

I’ve lived in Daytona Beach, Chicago, Phoenix, and Houston.

I hate cats.

I cannot swim or float.

I am very much an introvert. Once I get to know someone, I open up a lot more though.

I have a degree in Air Traffic Control.

I am a Whole30 Certified Envoy.

I have a fear of heights and water.

I want this space to be a resource for anyone wanting to find tasty gluten free food and have a love for the outdoors. I also want this to be a place where LGBTQ people, especially those from the Caribbean, know there is space for them in this world too.

If you want to see more of my daily adventures, check me out on Instagram!